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Niño and Niña

The rainy weekend appeased the (good) spirits of the farm. Grey skies, cool weather and steady rain left the fields well-soaked. While those who toil in office towers cursed and appealed to the absent sun, we found the relief from sun-drenched cloudless blue skies refreshing, both literally and figuratively speaking, as we toured our fields in our rainboots. We are told that this cycle – 2 weeks of sunshine followed by 2 days of rain – is par for the course in an El Niño year. We are also told that its opposite, La Niña, is about to begin. We don’t want to taunt the (evil) spirits into fulfilling the prophecy, but forecasts are for impending cooler and wetter weather from the Pacific Northwest all the way across to the Northeastern states and Eastern Canada…not exactly what one thinks of as lazy summer days. I can’t help being a Cassandra (it’s in my farmer’s nature), but I’ll cease and desist for the time being – and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer now.

Laitue montée en fleur - Bolting LettuceThose of you beginning to tire of all the cud-chewing occurring in your city and country kitchens will no doubt be relieved to hear that our entire bed of romaine lettuce, suffocating in the heat these last few days, has gone to seed…so the greens will be fewer.