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Roof Story

We’ve been finding it difficult to turn down requests for reservations at Hayloft Adventures, worried as we were that it might rain during someone’s farm, or more specifically, barn, stay. The barn whereof I speak is our very own, beautiful red barn, renovated three years ago but in need of a new roof. While a light rain was not a problem, if heavy rainstorms were in the forecast, we’d politely suggest to potential guests that they postpone their visit. We finally managed to retain the services of C. and A., two local, incredible jacks of all trades, equally competent in their wielding of the hammer or the paintbrush, master roofers to boot. They are amazing to watch in action, drill in one hand, metal sheet in the other – alternating between removing the old and installing the new. Their strength lies in their intimate knowledge of old structures, centennial barns built with rough-hewn timber posts and beams from a bygone era, breathtaking architecture from a not-so-distant agrarian past. We had mentioned our old barn in a previous post, the largest in Missisquoi county when it was built, according to an article in the 1889 edition of a local newspaper, before being outclassed by that of a neighbour (no doubt suffering from a severe case of barn envy)…

Summer is still in full swing at the farm – this week’s basket resembles last week’s, albeit with watermelon replacing canteloupe and beets and turnips replacing carrots.  In closing, a quick reminder that we are taking orders for garlic (at $10 per pound) as well as for Italian (paste) tomatoes (at $20 dollars for a 20-lb box). You may place your orders here.