Vegetables and Berries

Vegetable News Bulletin

This week’s note is purely informational. It features two vegetables, garlic and Italian, or paste, tomatoes. This year’s garlic harvest has been particularly good. It may be due to the abundance of sunshine this summer, or the mild winter last year, or a combination of both – whatever it is, this year’s crop has withstood the vicissitudes of weather and preying insects. The bulbs are beautiful and we aim to include some in your baskets over the next few weeks. In a similar vein, we produce two varieties of plum tomatoes for sauces and cannning: Roma and Amish Paste. Roma is your classic plum tomato; Amish Paste is equally fleshy and tasty, but comes in a larger format.

Garlic - Ail 1

As an aside, for those of you looking for dill flowers for pickling, let us know so we can include it as an herb in your baskets. Also, beginning in September, we will begin to include potatoes in your baskets. For logistical reasons (equipment constraints, mostly), we do not grow our own potatoes. However, our supplier is a great producer of organic potatoes – Réal Samson, and his son, Gabriel, in nearby Farnham. They produce red, white and yellow potatoes. You can expect to see their product in your baskets every other week this fall. That’s it in terms of public interest announcements this week.