Farm Life

Travelling Farmers

When one says ‘market farmer,’ one immediately thinks of soil, tractors and vegetable-growing know-how –
but one forgets that market farmers are travelling farmers, and yours truly certainly travels quite a bit. Yearly, as we take to Quebec’s magnificently (!) surfaced roads again in June, we re-acquaint ourselves with every bump, crack, swell and twist, and develop a very special, almost anthropomorphic, appreciation of the distinct characteristics of the roads thus travelled, one that changes with our every mood.

Take the Décarie Highway which I travel weekly on my way to TMR:
I find it funny to think that – and I am convinced someone at the Ministère des transports was delusional at the time – its speed limit was set at 70 km/h. There is rarely a single vehicle on that road  travelling below 20 or 30 km/h above the stated limit…or if there is one, it is usually because its driver is texting on his/her cellphone…

There are many other roads travelled,
such as the extension of the 35, a short-cut of sorts to the 202, fast but incredibly boring, or Grande Ligne, a little less boring but charmless all the same, an eponymous  and relentless straight line that would do better with a curve or two to relieve its monotony. My favourite is Rang Kempt, lined with big, beautiful, dairy farms, old ones mostly, but with tastefully modernized operations nonetheless. With Highway 10 and its traffic behind me, I breathe a sigh of relief every time I take this road– its attractive landscapes a welcome introduction to the region we call home.

This week’s basket is similar to last week’s, with turnips.
The link to order tomatoes and garlic will be sent tomorrow (keep your eyes peeled) and we’ll be expecting your orders from there on in. While garlic deliveries will be fulfilled later (from mid-September onwards), tomatoes will be delivered weekly starting this week until we run out.

We look forward to seeing you all again.