Farm Life Vegetables and Berries


The nights have been crisp – actually, downright frigid – these past few days, and to this farmer, at least, the end is apparent. There is something in the cool October air that announces a season’s dusk. Maybe it’s the pale green of the field beans, or the light brown of the dying galinsoga – but the penetrating chill definitely dulls the hitherto vibrant colours of a farm landscape. It’s sad and refreshing at once – and no matter the still intense mid-day warmth, the plants know – the waning light does not lie. Like old elephants who quietly lie down to die in a tropical dell, nothing in our fields will remain unaltered by a few nights under zero. Interestingly, it is the cold weather that enables root vegetables to come into their own. And so we exercise patience again as we wait for Nature to operate yet another transformation, knowing that our taste buds will enjoy the result.

Tomates d'automne - Fall Tomates

In this week’s basket, in addition to your now seasonal root vegetables, you will find a few tomatoes – hangers on, all. Some leafy greens, too, because greens are good for you. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Feuilles dans l'herbe - Leaves in the Grass