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Time for a purely informational, some might say, crassly commercial, post – but one essential to surviving the rigours of a still-distant but inescapable winter. We have planted garlic; harvested, cleaned and weighed it – the time has now come to sell it. So, if you’re a garlic aficionado with a love for fresh, juicy and odorous bulbs destined to be kept through the long winter months, this note is for you. Starting today, we’ll be taking garlic orders online. We will confirm receipt of your order with a view to fulfilling it by the second or third week of September. Payment is cash on delivery. This year, we will be offering the same two varieties as previously – Music and Ukrainian – the first is usually a bit larger, albeit with fewer cloves. The real difference between the two lies in the slightly stronger flavour of the Ukrainian garlic – a subtle but nonetheless noticeable difference appreciated by diehard garlic connoisseurs. Prices remain unchanged since last year at 10 dollars a pound (5 to 6 bulbs) or 22 dollars a kilo (10 to 11 bulbs). Your orders will be payable cash (or cheque) on delivery.

In the same vein, we also offer paste tomatoes for canning and other preservation purposes. This year, we’re pushing our Amish Paste variety, followed closely by the classic San Marzano. The Amish paste is a larger North American heirloom variety of paste tomato. It is easy to process because of its large size and quite tasty. The San Marzano is the classic Italian paste tomato, with its unique, almost-but-not-quite-pear-like shape – well-known by tomato-sauce-makers everywhere. We offer both in half-bushel, 20-lb boxes – at 20 dollars per box, while quantities last.

End of commercial.

As usual, there will be vegetables in your baskets, plus cantaloupe or watermelon, perhaps some corn (provided the racoons leave enough standing), and many other things. We look forward to seeing you all again.