Farm Life Organic Vegetables and Berries

Firing Up

Just as Spring was springing, I opened our seedling greenhouse. It is always with the same excitement, the same sequence of events, that I reconnect the pump of our artesian well, fire up the furnaces, and check that everything is in working order…It is only once the water is running and the heat is flowing in our greenhouse cocoon that I consider the season truly launched!

That’s also when our spreadsheets prove their worth, organizing the endless list of vegetables to be sown, ordering their planting periodicity in a repetitive and mission-critical process to ensure sufficient quantities of vegetables to fill your baskets and make our farm stands overflow.

By the end of this month already,
we will have sown onions and leeks, as well as celeriac, peppers and most of our fine herbs – all crops with long germination periods and high DTM (days-to-maturity) counts. It bears repeating : strong seedlings make for a good season – it’s a foundational activity to which I apply myself every year with great pleasure, as well as a touch of dutiful self-abnegation.

We’re excited at the thought of seeing all of you again.