Farm Life Organic Vegetables and Berries

Season Launch

Even as Environment Canada is in winter storm warning mode for the umpteenth time in this middle of February, we think it is high time to shake the snow off our boots and launch our 2022 season! We are pleased to announce we are ready to take your registrations for our CSA baskets via this link to our sign-up page. A sign of the times but due mostly to the construction of our new cold greenhouses last summer, we will be launching the regular season for our baskets the week of June 6, and ending it 22 weeks later, the week of October 31.

Our offer has not changed, i.e. you may still choose between a regular format («small»), generally sufficient for two adults, or a family format («large»), somewhat more voluminous, geared towards three or more adults. Once again we affirm our commitment to offer CSA baskets filled with an interesting variety of fresh seasonal produce, including fruits and berries – strawberries in June, blueberries in July and watermelons and canteloupes in August. Our delivery times and locations have not changed.

Capitaine Levain‘s delicious loaves will also be back for another season…Once on our sign-up page, you’ll be able to register with them directly via the links provided under the Organic Bread Baskets section on our sign-up page.

For those of you who like to wander up and down market alleys, keep in mind that we continue to operate our farmstands at Atwater and Jean-Talon, Friday through Sunday from late June to early November and we deliver our CSA baskets there, too. Our farmstand basket season at Atwater and Jean-Talon begins on July 1st and will run for 19 weeks through the week of October 31. Details re variations on our farmstand offerings can be found on our sign-up page.

We have taken advantage of the past few months to catch our breath, to enjoy some fleeting farniente, to read, meet up with friends and most importantly – to prep for the upcoming season. We’ll spare you the details, but we’ve revisited our field plans to take into consideration an earlier season start, our ongoing commitment to growing more green manures while improving our soils and a prioritised laundry list of investment projects at the farm.

Finally, we also want to announce, provided we can finally put this pandemic behind us, that we’ll be planning a méchoui at the farm on September 5th. So mark your calendars for a farm visit on Labour Day Monday – and a harvest celebration in which we’ll not only thumb our nose at the pandemic but also gather round a harvest table overflowing with homemade fare and make our toasts to Mother Nature and her boundless bounty.

We look forward to seeing all of you again, and hope to see you back in droves!