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Tipping Point

One could surmise that last Thursday’s
tempest was the tipping point
between a summer that was loathe to arrive and one that is now suddenly, and fully, installed…What makes me think so? Perhaps the tomatoes that are now slowly, but surely, turning red; or the eggplant and pepper plants which have almost doubled in size in a mere week; or the corn that has grown so tall that it is blocking my view of the brassicas in the neighbouring field. There is a long list of vegetables that had been treading water, so to speak and no pun intended, waiting for the right conditions – melons, watermelons and bush winter squash plants, all spreading out, sure signs that summer is finally here.

But the surest sign of summer of all is the blueberry,
blue pearl of the North that refuses to be rushed. Harvest it too early, and it will be tart; too late, and it will be pasty. We were reminded of this yet again this year: even as it turns deep blue, one must be patient and wait for the fruit to sweeten. We will be harvesting it today and tomorrow in the hopes that you will find it just right.

In your baskets, then:
, the season’s first carrots, cucumbers and summer squash galore, beans, blueberries, kale or Swiss chard, fine herbs and a surprise vegetable still to be harvested.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

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