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Sunny Weather Back At Last

I could wax lyrical about the return of sunny weather at last,
but I will not – as there are more pressing matters to attend to, such as announcing the start of our Italian tomato harvest to meet your canning (or bottling or freezing) needs. And while we’re at it, we’ll also be taking conservation garlic orders this week.
Seasoned farm members already know how it works, but a few reminders about the ordering process are nevertheless worthwhile.

Italian tomatoes
(Italian in name only, as in fact we do a Spanish version of the Roma plum tomato called Granadero) : we sell them by the 20-lb half bushel and once your order is placed we will let you know the week of delivery (starting this week or next, or perhaps even the following week if our tomato plants hold up until then).

Conservation garlic
place your orders now and we will start delivering them once the tomato orders are complete, i.e. by the 3rd week of September. You may order your ‘Music’ garlic by the pound or by the kilo.


Insofar as the tomatoes are concerned, I have nothing to add – conservation runs the gamut from freezing to canning to sauce-making. Re our garlic, it is fresh and well-cured, so should last most of the winter, provided you store it correctly – i.e., leaving it in its original paper bag, storing it in a kitchen cupboard or some other dark and dry place. Most importantly, do not leave it in a spot subject to temperature fluctuations (over your oven is a definite no-no). I do not recommend dank basements or cold garages – a tightly shut cupboard is definitely best.

You’ll find something new in your basket this week :
our first winter squash of the season, a spaghetti squash called Orangetti. Delicious and sweet, we suggest the 440 rule – i.e. cut it in half, empty out its seeds, turn it face down and let it bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 40 (maybe 45) minutes.
That’s how we like to do it, but feel free to do whatever works for you…
In addition to the spaghetti squash, you will find more tomatoeseggplantscarrots or beetsgarlic, sundry onions, a leafy green of one kind or another and more.

We look forward to seeing you all again.