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The End (2021)

Thus ends our 2021 season :
an apotheosis, according to Environment Canada and their forecast for sunny skies, albeit accompanied with a bit of a chill. I won’t complain, as the fields are soaked from weekend rains and we still have to harvest the contents of your last basket.

Another summer growing season
has come and gone, true to form,
i.e. with its share of certainties – lots of sun, some rain, and a few dry spells already forgotten – as well as the myriad of small irritants that inflect the routine existence of a market farmer. The usual pests have also made their appearance : the leek moth, the potato beetle (which, despite its moniker, seeks refuge in our eggplants ), the striped leaf beetle in our cucurbits and the damn flea beetle in our crucifers.

Mmm, the flea beetle,
deserving of its very own post.
Content for another season…

I will not bore you with a list of the season’s wins and losses,
but I will take a moment to recall the saga of the red peppers that did not make it into your baskets, one that serves as a reminder that farming is not only a science but also an art, and that patience is a virtue, or, as more aptly put according to this lovely Persian proverb: 
Patience is a tree whose roots are bitter,  but whose fruit is very sweet .

To you all, then, many thanks
for your steady support and encouragement, and for the weekly encounters. We wish you all a nice fall and a vigorous winter, and hope to see you back in droves next year.

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