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Rainy Days

In vegetable farming, rain days or days after are so many opportunities
to catch up on all the to-do items left undone, precisely unless favourable or unfavourable weather leaves us no other option than actually getting them done. Today has been a case in point – i.e. a rainy night followed by an equally rainy day filled with overcast skies and scattered showers.

Indeed, you may ask, what does one do on the farm when the fields are sodden,
too muddy to traverse except for the most pressing of harvests (such as cucumbers and summer squash)? Following a quick review of our never-ending to-do list, it is decided that while some members of the field crew will focus on cleaning some of our freshly harvested garlic, others will spend some time re-arranging our cold storage (which is always in need of re-arranging it seems) and a third group will dedicate its efforts to repairing and/or building vegetable bins which will come in handy as our winter squash harvests get under way in a few weeks. But these special projects will necessarily be short-lived, as our weekly harvest schedule will soon be our priority no. 1, leading us to postpone them again until the next rainy spell. And so it goes, as we ebb and flow with the weather, always eager to find time to gain time.

Vegetable-wise, yours is a true summer basket this week –
and should you wish to switch things up a bit, please feel free to consult our general recipe page and/or to click through directly to our suggestions for the contents of this week’s basket, namely: carrotscorncucumberseggplantkalelettuce, melons (cantaloupe or watermelon), summer squash and more.
We look forward to seeing you all again.

2022 Farm Potluck
We hemmed and hawed quite a bit before finally opting for Thanksgiving over Labour Day, and we are pleased to hereby launch our formal invitation to a farm potluck on Monday, October 10th, from 11 am onwards. The formula is simple, just come with a dish made to be shared…and we will organize a farm tour, followed by a pick-nick and, weather permitting, we will even suggest a few places to visit nearby.
We’ll send more details in coming weeks.