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Variable Weather

Go-with-the-flow is the watchword
which best captures the farmer’s stoic acceptance that it is Mother Nature who decides how one’s days are spent. This week is a case in point, as we compulsively await every Environment Canada weather update to plan our day, our week and our day of rest.

The upcoming week is looking to be depressed & depressing – with showers, overcast skies and only occasional sunny breaks to make up for the overall greyness. A far cry from this farmer’s ideal of three sun-filled days for every day of rain. In this less-than-ideal world, where things are as they are and not as we wish, we respond as we can, more often than not with surprise or consternation, or both.

I exaggerate somewhat, though, since even when Mother Nature throws a curve ball, she often makes up for it with moments of quiet happiness, a break in the clouds, a ray of sun and a patch of blue sky, breezes that eventually sweep the sky clean – serial epiphanies…

The greenery continues in your baskets,
but we’ll try not to bury you in leaves. There will be some, of course, but they will be mostly different from last week’s: kale or Swiss chard, escarole, colourful lettucespinachbasilkohlrabipotatoes from our friends at Ferme Samson & fils, beets or turnips and more.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

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